Middlesex County

ServicePro Handyman in New Brunswick

ServicePro Handyman is a handyman service that comes to your home at a time that’s convenient to you. Based out of Highland Park, ServicePro Handyman is proud to service homes in and around Middlesex County. Our close proximity allows us to respond to calls quickly. Travel fees do not apply to this area.


Rutgers is located in the heart of New Brunswick, this means that a majority of New Brunswick housing is being leased to off-campus students. It goes without saying that these investment properties need periodical maintenance and repairs, even from just regular wear and tear, so they can keep their value and continue being rented out, year to year.


Housing that is not occupied by students ranges from beautiful victorian to sleek and modern, and it is our goal to keep the integrity of your home, whatever the style may be with the services we provide.